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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi Bloggy Friends!  I am working on my first DIY project.  I got a "free" medium-sized wicker basket at Michael's Craft Store the other day.  I was perusing the 90% off Christmas leftovers near the cash register and picked up a few things.  They told me that they can sell me all of it with a "surprise" grab bag for two bucks.  Two bucks!!!  I also got another basket in there too along with some light up sticks.  I added up the price of everything together at regular retail (I know, I know, I always try to use the 40% off or shop the 50% off sales), and it added up to $74.00!!!!   $74.00 worth of whatever for two smackers!!!   Sooooooo, in a nod to one of my daily bloggy reads, Centsational Girl, I decided to try my hand at spray painting my bright red basket a wonderful and luscious color, oil rubbed bronze.  I heart oil rubbed bronze.

Now, I live in the suburbs of the Windy City (Chicago) and it is January.  BRRRRRRR.  Off I go outside with my basket and my can of spray paint in tow, donning my f-u-r coat.  It was so cold outside, I couldn't help it.  I went out in the snowy grass and there was a slight breeze.  I thought I could hold the basket by the handle and spray paint half of it and the rest after the first portion dried.  I shook and shook and shook like the can forewarned me.  The spray shot out at 360 degree angles.  And dripped like crazy on Hand Number One and my shoes.  Unbelievable.  Is that supposed to happen?  Centsational Girl made it look so easy!!!  I even watched her video!!!  I decided to continue although both my hands were COMPLETELY covered with spray paint.  Dark oil rubbed bronze.  (Picture Mr. Deed's foot here.)  I got about halfway done and had to come inside.  I was freezing and my nose was dripping, of course.  Now  What   Do  I  Do.  How on earth am I going to get my coat off?  Thankfully, dear child number five was home from school today and came down, laughed at me, wiped my nose, and then brainstormed with me as to how to get my coat off.  We decided to saran-wrap my hands so I could slip them through the sleeves.  Problem Number One -- averted.  Now, on to my next dilemma.  How do I get the spray paint off?  I couldn't touch anything.  My dear daughter got me some nail polish remover and a brillo pad.  Off to work I went.  Forever.  And ever.  My hands are semi-clean.  And purplish.  My nails are disgusting.  (Imagine a French manicure with oil rubbed bronze tips.)  My basket is half-painted.  Now I ponder the question:  Is anything ever really free?

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