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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Must Have Dozed Off

Years ago, in a land far away when there was just one movie theatre near home and it offered exactly two movies to choose from, it was easy to see almost every wonderful new movie.  And everyone who was anyone did see them.  And everyone talked about them.  Those movies stayed at the theatre for weeks and weeks.  We had time to anticipate the coming of a New Major Motion Picture. When did this simple idea morph into multiple mega movie-plexes every few miles offering about twenty different movies or incarnations thereof?  I must have dozed off. For several years.  Or was working.  Or cleaning baby poop.

There was a time when I went to the show nearly once a week (the dating era, I assume) to one or twice a year (the married and too exhausted from working full time and trying my bestest to raise my children at the same time era).  Presently, I seem to catch a movie every few months. And probably more than half of the movies I do see are rated "G" or "PG" and in cartoon form.  I did not watch the Oscars, but I read about them afterwards.  What happened to four or five nominations for best picture?  I am certainly out of the loop.   I did see two of those nominated for best picture, one of which was the day before the Oscars -- The King's Speech.  And this was a good year.  

I have never for an instant thought about adding "See More Movies" to my Bucket List.  Nope.  Not on there.  See more musicals, on the other hand, did make the list and I am happy to say that I am working on that.  But, See More Movies?  Ut uh.   It has come to my attention and made abundantly clear (from dear children) that I do not know any of today's new-ish actors.  The latest heart throbs. Can't name one.  The latest scandals?  Don't know about those either.  Do I care?  For the most part, no.  

On the other hand, what I do care about is being able to interact and talk to my children on their level.  It seems that I went from being the hip cool mother to the most lame according to my junior high daughter.  Overnight.   Most conversations these days involve cleaning up her room, finishing homework, talking respectfully, etc.  Actually, they aren't really conversations at all.  I know most of my contemporaries would say that "it is their age, things will change in a few years, blah, blah, blah," but I am not willing to accept that right now.  I would like to talk about nonsensical things to which, we both could relate.  Ummmm, let's see.  Maybe, movies?   If the words could just flow more freely, more naturally about things that aren't so earth shattering to a young teen, nothing more than just idle conversation, maybe the more difficult discussions wouldn't be so hard.  I just hope that the magnitude of the gap between parent and child never ever gets as large as that between my parents and my young self.  So, See More Movies is being added to my Bucket List.  Funny thing, my oldest child is twenty-five years old and thinks I am being too hard on myself.  Probably because he still thinks that I am pretty cool.

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